This list of demands was created during GI2018 and revised through workshops at ‘In Focus’ with Create London, The Barbican Centre, ‘A Balancing Act’ at Kinning Park Complex with Alex Wilde and Axisweb and at The NewBridge project Gateshead.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this process so far.

      1. We will abolish art hierarchies.
      2. We will operate in solidarity with other artists and across sectors not in competition.
      3. We will be honest and transparent if we exploit ourselves by giving our labour for free, and we will actively challenge the culture of unpaid labour that exasperates inequality and only gives a voice to those who can afford to work unpaid.
      4. We will push for a base level income for all so that everyone who wants to can afford to be an artist.
      5. We will stop exploiting ourselves through social media creating content for Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and
        Instagram and be more aware of who owns the content on these platforms.
      6. Artists will refuse to be the gentrifiers of cities.
      7. Those of us with the privileges of being male or white or cis-gendered or affluent or able-bodied or free from caring responsibilities will actively share power.
      8. We will incorporate the real cost of care into all the plans we make.
      9. Arts institutions will no longer ask artists to sign contracts demanding that they work unpaid.
      10. Artists will not agree to contracts that demand they work unpaid.

We are continuing to develop these demands and would value other contributions; if you would like to contribute please get in touch with us at

Since the launch of GI2020 Ailie and Janie have been asked to comment on whether this new version of the arts festival signifies the success of In Kind

In the following interview with Chris Sharratt we outline some of our concerns.

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